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Providing Top, Niche Talent At All Levels At A Fraction of the Cost

Contingent & Executive Search

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Our versatile, experienced team of recruiting professionals are able to provide superior level talent at all levels of your organization - including hourly skilled trade positions all the way up to the C-Suite at a much lower cost than temp agency mark-ups or executive search retainers.   

There is no better value in the staffing industry than the level of service and quality of hires Talent Plus provides at the fees we offer    Contact us today to find how Talent Plus can provide all of your staffing needs at a fraction of the cost of other staffing firms!

Lower Fees  Starting at 12%

90 Day Guarantee 


Talent Plus Staffing provides  the best available talent at all levels throughout the building supply and construction industries.   Our unique service offering allows companies to avoid hundreds and thousands of dollars in temp agency mark up fees and retainer payments.  

Building Supply & Construction Industries